Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Design Questions - Set 1

  1. Design a game of chess
  2. Given an ebay site model., you have to deal with auctioning of a particular item. Design the billing & auctioning system of the same.
  3. OOPs design of a file system
  4. Class diagram of a system to implement Blackjack
  5. Class diagram of a parking lot
  6. design a furniture module, a furniture could be a couch,  chair, etc. each furniture could contain multiple materials, wood, steel, etc.
  7. Which Data structure is used in window search…??
  8. Design elevator system
  9. OOPs design of a file system
  10. mplement LRU cache .
  11. Design a Architecture of Online Movie Booking System . Find the possible issues and Idea to Resolve them. How do you optimize the Performance against all these issues.
  12. Design an online movie booking system
  13. Design and Implement Boggle game for n x n
  14. A news paper agency wants an application through which customers can select the news paper & magzenes they need on daily basis (ex day1 -> he need paper1 ,paper2, magjene1, day2 -> none , day3 – paper4 ) etc.. how registration and billing will be done, Provide a high & low level diagrams for it. which are the classes needed for the same.
  15. Two chess players want to play chess online with each other using facebook. Which are the classes you need for it and what are the APIs needed for the same. How one user will inform other once he made a move from his side .(Client server architecture .) . How a client will reduce the unwanted number of hits to server 2) once user1 has made a move how user2 will be informed quickly. 3) how the chess board position will be propagated from user1 to user2 with least amount of data . 4) Tell the security measures to make this game efficient (asked what is BUT and how to solve it) .
  16. How will you implement file search facility in windows, so that you will save the search and indexes for future references. Provide the design & tell the classes needed for the same.
  17. Give data structures for the following problems in making an employee management system:
    1) given a manager give all the employees he manages ( one to many relationship)
    2) represent organizational structure of the company
  18. Consider a cloak room. It has 3 compartments, small, medium, large
    1 medium = 2 small
    1 large = 2 medium = 4 small Design such a system, ensuring maximum capacity optimization of the compartments. Also, make the required number of moves (in-btw compartments) as minimum as possible.
    Write class, functions. Wht functions will u expose. What token will you return back to the user.



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