Thursday, August 26, 2010

Linux/Unix : Working with files

Unix files
We have discussed unix files here.

File names

Displaying file contents -Overview

There are multiple ways to display file content. So, what is equivalent of notepad here?
  • cat - used to display the content
  • more - used to display the content, but paginate the content 
  • Moreover we can display part of files using head and tail.
  • We can search the files using grep.
  • Sort the files using sort
  • Compare the files using diff
  • cut the file part using cut
  • remove the duplicate lines using uniq.
  • Count the words, lines and characters using wc
  • Print the file using lpr, lpq and lprm.

Displaying the contents of file

    Displaying parts of files

    Searching files

    Sorting files

    Comparing files

    Comparing files using diff

    Cutting fields

    Pasting file contents
    Duplicate lines

    Non ascii files

    Printing files



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