Sunday, May 11, 2014

Handshakes at Party


I was at a party with MS one evening where he got bored and started keeping track of the number of handshakes made by people. A person was called "odd person" if he made an odd number of handshakes, otherwise he was called "even person". After some time MS said to me, "Hey AD, do you know that there are an even number of odd persons?" I replied, "Big deal, MS. There will be always an even number of odd persons!" But still he seemed confused. Justify ...

 SAME NUMBER OF HANDSHAKES-------------------------
At a dinner party, many of the guests exchange greetings by shaking hands with each other while they wait for the host to finish cooking.
After all this handshaking, the host, who didn't take part in or see any of the handshaking, gets everybody's attention and says: "I know for a fact that at least two people at this party shook the same number of other people's hands."
How could the host know this? Note that nobody shakes his or her own hand.



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