Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cigars on Circular Table


Let's say we play a simple game. I have a circular table and an unlimited supply of identically shaped Cuban cigars. We each take turns placing a cigar on the table without disturbing any other cigars already there in the process and without overlapping any pair of cigars. The winner will be last person to successfully place a cigar on the table subject to the given restrictions. If I give you the option of going first, how would you play in order try and win


Since the circle is symmetric.around the centre..except the centre there would always be one position exactly symmetric and place the cigar..

1. So i will start by placing the CIGAR in the centre in the first move.
2. My Consecutive moves would be governed by where the other person is placing the cigar..i would place the cigar,symmetrically opposite to where he is placing in each move.



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