Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to test an ATM in a distributed banking system

How would you test an ATM in a distributed banking system?

The first thing to do on this question is to clarify assumptions Ask the following questions:
  • Who is going to use the ATM? Answers might be “anyone”, or it might be “blind people” – or any number of other answers
  • What are they going to use it for? Answers might be “withdrawing money”, “transferring money”, “checking their balance”, or many other answers
  • What tools do we have to test? Do we have access to the code, or just the ATM machine?
Remember: a good tester makes sure she knows what she’s testing!
Here are a few test cases for how to test just the withdrawing functionality:
  • Withdrawing money less than the account balance
  • Withdrawing money greater than the account balance
  • Withdrawing money equal to the account balance
  • Withdrawing money from an ATM and from the internet at the same time
  • Withdrawing money when the connection to the bank’s network is lost
  • Withdrawing money from multiple ATMs simultaneously
  • Check the balanace avaialble
  • Make a deposit at an ATM. 
  • Try to enter invalid pin more than 3 times and see if the account gets locked. 
  • Try with some grocery card ( an invalid card) whose shape is same as the ATM card, and see what happens 
  • Try quick cash with drwal



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