Friday, September 17, 2010

Java specific naming convention

JFC (Java Swing) variables should be suffixed by the element type.
widthScale, nameTextField, leftScrollbar, mainPanel, fileToggle, minLabel, printerDialog
Enhances readability since the name gives the user an immediate clue of the type of the variable and thereby the available resources of the object.

Array specifiers must be attached to the type not the variable.
int[] a = new int[20]; // NOT: int a[] = new int[20]
The arrayness is a feature of the base type, not the variable. It is not known why Sun allows both forms.

Java source files should have the extension .java. Enforced by the Java tools.

The import statements must follow the package statement. import statements should be sorted with the most fundamental packages first, and grouped with associated packages together and one blank line between groups. 

import java.rmi.RmiServer; 
import java.rmi.server.Server; 
import javax.swing.JPanel; 
import javax.swing.event.ActionEvent; 
import org.linux.apache.server.SoapServer; 
The import statement location is enforced by the Java language. The sorting makes it simple to browse the list when there are many imports, and it makes it easy to determine the dependiencies of the present package The grouping reduce complexity by collapsing related information into a common unit.

The package statement must be the first statement of the file.
All files should belong to a specific package. The package statement location is enforced by the Java language. Letting all files belong to an actual (rather than the Java default) package enforces Java language object oriented programming techniques. 



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